About the Author

About the Author of Blue Note Soul

I am just like you, a student and a journeyman trying to make sense of my experiences before I am called back to the light. I am deeply reflective about even the most minor things I see around me and I try to pan out these occurrences by writing it all down.

I’ve learned that my voice is in my pen and it is the way I communicate most effectively. I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Psychology and English and this website is how I marry those two interests.

I truly enjoy words, research, and reading just about everything. I also love music- to me it is the highest form of relief, escape, and artistic and emotional expression.

I’m a Christian truly interested in self-healing and spirituality. I strive to mentally liberate, heal and enlighten readers. I also hope to learn as much as I teach. I love absolutely everyone and truly wish to unify the world and bring help to the hurting. Hopefully, my life will speak for itself in that regard.

My greatest hope, however, is that we can share knowledge and encourage each other as I share my opinions and research with you. I am so excited that you chose to take a little break from the everyday with my site and hopefully I write something that will positively impact your life.

Healing and Peace,

Kristi Smedley

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